Asteri Agency, LLC

About the Agency

Asteri Agency is the product of three people, passionate about Music and the Arts

Jackie Sawicky, aka Mavro Asteri

Mistress Mavro got her first camera in the mid 80s and from then on went missing in all family photos (because she was taking them).

Shortly after high school graduation, she took a photo class and knew instantly that Photography was going to be her chosen profession. As a singer, lyricist and avid music lover, she gravitated toward other like-minded individuals and began crafting, what would become, her signature documentary style.

Her photos & art have been included in albums by Absu, Arkadia, The Black Moriah, Embalmed, Humut Tabal, & Krimson. And in Metal Maniacs and Decibel magazine.

Geoffrey Sawicky, aka Zawicizuz

Zawicizuz began his illustrious career in music in the mid-80s, on the coronet. And then he discovered King Diamond. He transitioned to the bass guitar, and eventually electric guitar.

In high school, he began taking lessons from the great Carlo Pezzimenti, further developing his love of classical music. He went on to acquire a Bachelor's degree in music performance and composition, even studying at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in Belgium.

Geoffrey has recorded and released albums with Infernal Oak, RPB, Absu, and currently, The Black Moriah. Zawicizuz has also made guest appearances on several other albums, and is a talented and accomplished producer, engineer and technichian.

Jamil Razvi aka The Mad Arab

Jamil began his interest in percussion in middle school when he joined the concert band. He continued his music education through high school via drum line.

In 1995 he purchased his first drum set; a pearl export series. He went on to form Bleed The Son in late 1997. Jamil was in charge of managing and booking for the band. In 2008 Bleed The Son disbanded and in 2010 The Mad Arab and Zawicizuz formed THe Black Moriah.

In 2011 Southern Casket Productions was formed to book all TBM shows and release the debut album Casket Prospects. SCP soon expanded to book for other local and national acts setting up numerous shows and tours.