Asteri Agency, LLC

Asteri Acres

Asteri Acres is a Certified Naturally Grown Micro-Farm in the North Dallas Suburbs. "Asteri" means Star in Greek & "Acres" is aspirational, we're actully quite small!  But that hasn't stopped us from cultivating food & herbs, chickens, worms and our inner farmers! Recently, we've started selling fresh fresh at the Dallas Farmers Market

We utilize Permaculture methods to nurture our soil, the living fauna & flora, and our larger community.  We do not use pesticide, herbicides or fungicides.  Instead, we plant natives, heirlooms, naturally resistant varieties or we just hand pick, vaccum, pull, or use homemade garlic spray as a repellant. 

We've re-minieralized the soil with rock dusts, composts & deep mulch.  This method also greatly reduces our need for irrigation and encourages growth of beneficial fungi & bacteria.  We innoculate every seed with Paul Stamets' Myco Grow, mycorrhizal fungi powder, which increases root growth and a plant's ability to absorb even more nutrients!

Our offerings are always changing with the season, so check back often for new & interesting herbal creations, seeds, roots, and our schedule of events! Explore the sub-navigation bar to see what's growing on!

Certified Naturally Grown